For the past eight years, a dog has slept on a concrete floor and now has the most comfy beds she deserves

Pitbull spent eight years laying on the concrete floor in a garage. She had little attention or veterinary treatment. When the rescue squad came, they were able to convince Lily’s owner to give her to them.

Lily was charming and friendly, and she greeted the rescuers with delight, wagging her tail. The team’s first objective was to bring Lily to a veterinary clinic for treatments and procedures.

Lily spent several months in foster care before being adopted by Charlotte, a Manhattan resident. Lily has been with her for seven weeks, although it took her only a few days to adjust to her new surroundings.

‘She figured out where all the beds in the house were,’ the hostess explained, ‘so it would be soft and pleasant for her.’

Lily finds fresh comfort in unexpected locations, whether it’s a sofa, bed, or piece of furniture.

Lily was once discovered sleeping on two sunbeds at the same time. Every day, she grows happier and more sociable, and she is eternally thankful to her owner for everything. Lily now lives a good life thanks to caring people.

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