For more than a decade, a man has been saving money to purchase an ambulance for stray animals

This Indian man’s love for animals really has no bounds. Dhruv is a common Indian citizen.

But what he did to find stray animals in his country makes him a living angel for four-legged animals, not just a hero.

He has been saving for an ambulance to help all the animals in need for over a decade.

‘I used to not like dogs, but now it’s my life and I can’t imagine living without them.’ I’ll keep doing it indefinitely.’

However, a caring individual can assist not only homeless dogs and cats, but also animals whose owners are unable to take them to the veterinarian. Dhruv also has to share his home with needy animals.

They looked after them, fed them, and administered medications as needed. He charges the owner of the animals he takes to the vet for a modest fee to raise money.

The man claims that not everyone appreciates his attempts to rescue these innocent animals. This man is a real life role model for everyone and thanks to him, many animals are safe and healthy now.

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