For a week, the dog kept his owner warm in the mountains until they were discovered by rescuers

This is a story of a man who lost his balance while going with his dog and fell on a glacier. A thrilling experience ended with disaster.

There was no contact, and reporting the occurrence was impossible. The traveler was out of supplies, and his injuries made it impossible for him to even crawl. It was a chilly day.

To keep warm, the Italian wrapped himself and the dog in anything he could find — leaves, twigs, topographic maps.

The man crawled to the creek, where he received some water and took some belongings, while being in excruciating pain. Days went by.

Although the time for returning the tourist has gone, the guy and his dog are still battling for survival in their new environment.

The Italian was alone for seven days and nights, accompanied only by his trusty dog. Finally, on February 18, rescuers were able to locate him.

According to the visitor, it was only because of him that he lived.

The man and his dog were quickly transferred to a medical facility. They’ve already returned home after an unproductive trip. The Italian is overjoyed that he brought his pet along. Who knows what might have happened if he hadn’t been there?

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