Every Halloween, Dad dresses up his dogs in the cutest costumes

This man transforms his pets into identical Halloween outfits.

It was very natural to include a stray dog in the Christmas custom once he had embraced him.

He said, ‘We found the dog walking around the city around five years ago.’

He had some issues but he was also quite beautiful and liked people. After he spent a few days with us at home, we made the decision to keep him.

He said, ‘I used to make silly Halloween costumes, and my better half thought I was not ok.’ One year, I made one for the dog as well.

Many folks found it to be really entertaining. After that, I started making one delivery on a regular basis.

She continued the family’s Halloween customs when he got a new puppy.

Most of his outfits are made of fabric, cardboard, and paste. He creates clothing out of anything he can think of.

Fortunately, the puppy makes a great illustration of his father’s complex intentions.

The second dog, on the other hand, does not enjoy getting cleaned all that much.

If it weren’t October, the two stray animals couldn’t have asked for a better life.

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