Dog rescuers come upon a malnourished stray in a parking lot and help him make an astonishing recovery

A terrified dog was discovered in a parking lot. His bones were plainly evident through his thin skin since he was so skinny.

And the dog began to convulse in the car.

The poor dog lifted his head and cautiously gazed at his rescuers, motivating them with hope for the best.

He was starving, but his digestive system refused to take food owing to the extended starvation. Despite the fact that the dog was a thoroughbred, no one took care of him.

Doctors discovered no evidence of the dog being chipped or other medicinal treatments. Fortunately, the treatment was effective.

He turned out to be the kindest creature, willing to thank everyone for their care and affection despite his challenging situation.

He became interested in life and what was going on around him. The dog was hospitalized for several months before being released. And soon he was in for a surprise: a family wanted to adopt him.

They had recently lost a pet of the same breed and were delighted to provide the dog a home.

He has a long and happy life ahead of him, and he will not have to eat rocks to survive.

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