Dog goes missing and spends two years at a shelter, but recalls his owner during a joyful reunion

A dog was once brought to one of Argentina’s shelters. They discovered her alone and afraid on the street.

The puppy was warmly received, and everyone fell in love with her. But no one brought her home for two years.

The previous owners were also unable to be located. Doggie has always been depressed and aloof. Her brothers had it simpler, since they were able to find new owners more quickly. And she was waiting with bated breath.

The shelter’s volunteers were determined to find her a home at any costs, and they snapped multiple images to put on their Facebook page.

Taking stunning shots of her was the most challenging part. She moved away from the camera and stared at the ground, as if she didn’t want to look at it at all.

However, as soon as a few images were shared on the website, one woman who narrated the tale immediately responded. Her son misplaced his dog and has been looking for it for years without luck.

After learning about the dog, Ariel, the dog’s owner, arrived at the shelter right away. It took her a bit to recognize the familiar aroma, but when she did, her response went viral on the internet.

Not only the pet and its owner were overcome with excitement, but all of the shelter’s employees were as well. After all, it was them who had to see the dog’s misery on a daily basis.

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