Diego, a 10-month-old boy who was found in Mexico and weighed 28 kilograms, is now 10 months old

His parents are unsure of what to anticipate from an unidentified condition.

Diego can now claim the title of ‘the fattest baby in the world,’ but neither the youngster nor his parents will likely take much pleasure in this title.

The mother of the infant initially didn’t see anything odd.

The mother made a joke about the baby growing so quickly because she had just consumed some excellent milk.

However, Diego’s family began to worry when, at age 9, he began to weigh 28 kg.

Doctors thought the boy had a condition after examining him because he has a little appetite.

To receive donations, they had to register a bank account, but so far it hasn’t had the expected outcome.

As the child’s condition worsens and the stroller can no longer support his weight, parents are hoping that therapy can start as soon as possible.

According to doctors, a week shouldn’t be wasted, but unfortunately, a lot depends just on the family’s financial situation as well as the parents’ preferences.

We hope the baby will feel better when he grows up. What a baby.

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