Couple postpones wedding to help stray cat

There are numerous stories about individuals who will go to great lengths to help an animal in need, but this is one of the most touching.

A young couple decided to call off their wedding in order to help a stray cat.

Nika and her fiancé Carlos were overjoyed because they were about to tie the knot in the way they had always imagined. But believe me when I say they canceled everything after falling in love with a stray kitten in Dubai.

They were wandering down the shore when they came across a kitten. As they approached him, they noticed the baby was in bad shape.

The couple decided to help him by giving him some water and food, and then they tried unsuccessfully to contact a local rescue service to take him in.

They chose to have a cat at that point. However, adopting a kitten proved to be far more expensive than Nika and her fiancé had anticipated.

As a result, they were forced to choose between rescuing this cute kitten and getting married as planned. Fortunately, they chose the kitten.

Nika and Carlos were eventually able to take the cat home after three months.

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