High schooler fulfills a childhood vow by taking a Down syndrome teen to prom
In elementary school, Marie and Benjamin grew close. Years later, Benjamin made the choice to keep his word. The mere fact that someone has a condition does not
Puppy expresses her delight when her mother returns home from work
Any dog owner will tell you that coming home after work and being welcomed by your furry friend is one of the best feelings. The dog’s level of
Baby monkey wins 24 million hearts in the first bath with adorable ‘hugs’
These monkeys are average-sized primates that prefer to live in tropical cliffs and caves. Langurs are a rare species that can be found in warm countries. It’s no
A pit bull rescue falls in love with a kitten and decides to raise her for the rest of his life
Many pet owners believe that they do not get along because most dogs dislike cats. In reality, some dogs are so friendly that they’ll make friends with almost
Kittens are adopted by the cat after being discovered left in an alley
In Chicago, six tiny kittens from a litter that looked to have been left by their mother found themselves in a city alley. Volunteers took the kittens to
Even though his sister hasn’t even been born, this dog already adores her
Even though there are countless pictures and videos of dogs on the internet these days, I’m always impressed at how quickly they learn many things and understand what’s
Cat with large eyes sticks to the people who rescued him
Volunteer Billie from the shelter has been informed that a tiny 98 gram cat with large eyes is in need of assistance. When Billie first saw the kitten,
At the nearby post office, a cute dog is hired as the ‘Official Stamp Licker’
There is a postmaster at each post office. A man formally hired his own dog, Jules, not long after his appointment. The dog then started accompanying his owner
Golden retriever displays his pride in his collection of sticks to his dad
Even though collecting is a common activity, it is not simple. Even when it comes to gathering sticks, as does 4-year-old retriever Burka. Additionally, according to his owner,
Sweet dog was born with a condition that makes her always appear surprised
A doggy named Bali was born with a condition that causes her skin on her head to be extremely tight, her eyebrows to be elevated, and her eyes