Beb the Duck wears a lovely yellow raincoat to keep his feathers dry

Most individuals fantasize of living a calm, serene life on a farm. Both of the sisters share a passion for the outdoors and farm animals.

Beb, a duck from their family’s farm, is a popular user on Instagram.

Because of the condition of her feathers, she is protected from the humidity by her gorgeous tiny yellow jacket, which makes her look like a star.

He documented the steps involved in creating a little raincoat in the series of photos.

Beb looks great in the raincoat, and readers in the comments section can’t stop praising how adorable it is.

As further inquiries about the condition of Beb feathers were made, the comments section developed into a knowledge resource.

There is text in the video that explains why they had to make Beb a raincoat.

It’s unusual for a farm animal like a duck to be unable to waterproof itself.

It’s safe to say that many people were even more interested in the ducks after watching Beb’s video.

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