An elderly cat of 18 years was sent to a shelter, but he found someone who made him happy

After the Tuxo cat became 18 and his owner realized he was no longer amusing and happy and needed more care, there was nothing else for him to do except give him to a shelter.

The staff at the shelter was aware that finding homes for animals at this age is unlikely.

On the shelter’s social media profile, the staff did continue to write about Tuxo, just in case.

What surprised them was that the cat still managed to find a home. It turned out to be a man who was looking for an owner for his older cat.

He was moved by a picture of Tuxo he saw online and made the decision to give the old cat a nice old age.

The cat was gentle and sociable, and he enjoyed sitting on his owner’s lap. He had a very affectionate and pleasant attitude.

A true feline Tuxo just celebrated its 20th anniversary.

He is surrounded by affection and care, is in excellent health considering his age, and could live for a number of more years.

And we shall express our gratitude to the honorable person who made this purr happy.

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