An amazing friendship. It all started when two stray kittens saw each other

This kitten was found in the street . A young couple adopted him and gave him the nickname Niko.

They observed right away that the kitty was incredibly curious and wanted to study and learn everything.

When he was brought home, he was around three weeks old, and he adjusted quickly.

As Niko grew older, he required more attention from the owner than she could provide because he was not allowed to work or care for the house.

The girl then wanted to adopt another cat named Liki. But first, Liki had to be treated, and only then was Niko introduced.

They were both about the same age and highly active.

Niko rushed out the door as soon as it opened, and the two kittens instantly began playing together.

This was the start of a wonderful friendship between two cute kitties.

They played together, ate together, and went asleep in each other’s arms, and the girl really adored and cherished both of the two in every manner conceivable.

They grew up swiftly and stayed in their home for the rest of their lives.

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