An adorable stray cat roamed the streets with a touching note tied to his collar

This cat was clearly not homeless when she was discovered wandering the streets of Illinois.

Her neat coat and pleasant manners were observed by the compassionate individuals who found her. The cat was transferred to a nearby shelter right away.

A handwritten message linked to the cat’s collar astonished the shelter volunteers.

‘Vila, farewell. I wish I could take you in my arms. Goodbye, Vila; I hope you have a good owner.’

Despite the fact that they had no information about Vila’s prior owners, the shelter remained undeterred in its efforts to give her a loving family and a permanent home.

So they took a picture of the cat and posted it online, where the story wowed many people.

Sara was one of them, and she couldn’t stop being emotional as she read the note. The woman decided she needed to get to the shelter as soon as possible to meet this sweet kitty.

Sara was already at the shelter the next day, carrying Vila in her arms.

Vila grew more relaxed as soon as she entered her new house and acted as though she had been there for a long time.

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