After losing his mother, a small baby rhino sought refuge in a caring vet nurse

Not just humans, but even animals, have the power to love.

They can express their affection for those who look after them, rescue them, and do not ignore them.

And this tiny rhino is the one who has particular sentiments for a lovely lady.

Kabelo, an orphaned rhino, lost his mother when he was 5-6 months old.

Despite everything, he still loved to be around humans.

He adored a caring vet who saved his life and began to care for him, eventually becoming his «mom.»

Kabelo was transported to a sanctuary after that tragic tragedy.

There, he was fortunate enough to meet someone who consoled the poor and terrified animal.

Laura, who worked at the same sanctuary as the lovely rhino, fell in love with him the moment they met. They were united by deep and passionate affections. Laura realized what the baby needed after his tremendous loss, so she comforted him and gave him her love.

Kabelo expresses his thanks by hugging his kind mother all of the time. Laura is at ease with this wild little animal, who possesses the power to love unconditionally and completely.

Kabelo will return to the wild when he grows up, but until then, he deserves all of the attention, warmth, and love that she can give him.

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