After feeding a stray cat, the girl became the owner for her and her kittens

In her spare time, a girl named Victoria works to rescue and care for stray cats. She adopted a small kitten from the side of the road, and a stray cat appeared on the entrance of her house a few days later, asking for food.

After that, the cat began to frequently come her door, and after a while, the girl discovered that the cat’s sides had significantly grown, indicating that she was expecting babies.

The cat then disappeared for a day, and when she reappeared the next day, she was noticeably slimmer. She had given birth, it became evident. Victoria needed to find out where the kittens were so she could rescue them before winter came.

Victoria started following the cat. T he kittens were kept behind the walls of an old building. Victoria realized she needed to find a new home for her four kittens as they grew older.

She returned the next day with a huge box with the kittens. The cat was cooperative and even enjoyed the fact that Victoria took them home.

The kittens will stay at the girl’s residence until she finds them permanent owners.

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