After being reunited with the cow that raised him, the little doggy is thrilled

Animals, especially between the most unlikely species, can serve as examples of healthy friendship for us.

This family didn’t give much thought to the fact that their dog spends a lot of time with the cow.

They had no idea, though, how close and powerful their link was. This family adopted the dog when he was only a puppy.

Despite his people’s affection and care for him, the family cow took on the role of mother to the tiny pup.

A cow accepted the puppy and nurtured him as her own.

It’s understandable that the dog was uneasy when he learned that the cow had been loaded onto a truck and sent for sale. The dog was not well when he learned his best pal was not there.

He even followed the truck for a long time, ignoring the owner’s calls, until the man eventually tracked him down and returned him.

What had happened had absolutely taken him by surprise.

The owner understood something had to be done when the dog vanished and reappeared about a week later.

The man returned the cow the next morning because all he wanted was to make his pet happy.

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