After 50 years of working as a clrcus elephant, she was finally reunited with her siblings

You’ll be moved to tears when you see the rescued elephant reunited with her best buddies. Three elephants have been ordered to perform in front of an audience in the circus for over 50 years. All of this came to an end, and the magnificent creature was ultimately spared.

However, two of them were taken to the reserves, while the third stayed.

Maya, Sata, and Rahea now have a chance at a fresh life thanks to the rescuers. It was not simple, however, to save them.

The volunteer worked tirelessly for months to bring the three ‘sisters’ to the refuge. Maya and Sata arrived at the sanctuary together, but Rahea had to leave because she didn’t know when she’d see them again.

Fortunately, the animal rights activists’ efforts were eventually rewarded, as Rahea was reunited with her companions after months apart.

The elephants, ages 44 to 50, have been friends for many years and can be described as the most genuine friendship.

Rahea was reunited with her ‘sisters» after a 3,000-kilometer trek that took nearly six days, and their reunion was too emotional.

Maya, Sata, and Rahea now have the opportunity to live a joyful, free life.

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