After 2381 days at the shelter, the cute dog can’t believe he’s finally found a home

He had been in the shelter for much too long, and many wondered why.

Even when another shelter visitor refused to take the dog into his home, the dog would not give up.

The four-legged puppy moved its tail cheerfully as it met its possible owner. What if he gets lucky today?

Someone rescued him and brought him in in the hope that the employees would find him an owner.

But, as it turned out, the wait for the momentous meeting would last years. People arrived and selected either pups or young dogs.

Then, on the 2381st day of his stay, a young guy named Bran came into the shelter.

He said what the organization’s employees had hoped to hear for a long time: The workforce was pleased when they heard this.

The man discovered the dog’s story, looked at his images, and decided that this is the precise pet he wants to bring into his home!

It’s hard to imagine, but the dog is finally sleeping in a comfy bed after six and a half years! ‘He appears very cute!’ Bran exclaims.

‘How come no one wanted to take him into their home for so long?’

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