A woman is surprised to see her own little kitten cuddling a neighborhood cat

This kitten was exceptionally peaceful and at ease when he got to his new home.

He was obviously friendly with people, which surprised his owner.

Gerald looked for solace wherever he could find it and eventually made Puck, Steven’s cat, his friend.

About nine years ago, Steven adopted Puck.

She could tell Steven was uncomfortable as he sought her for a very long period to help her decide to become a house pet.

Steven said, ‘He was constantly hiding, he never came out.’ He changed into a totally different cat after he was given the freedom to spend as much time as he needed in our yard.

Gerald was sent to the veterinarian right away because it turned out he had more medical issues than Steven had originally thought.

After a difficult few days, Gerald finally made it home, and Puck was relieved to see his child once more.

Steven continued, ‘I know Puck needs to be close to Gerald now that he’s feeling a lot better, but he’s more quiet about the issue.’

He isn’t closely monitoring him, according to him.

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