A very sad dog befriends a bunny, and the two become inseparable

If cats and dogs can become best friends, there’s no reason to believe that a dog and a rabbit can’t as well. Her former owners, who tethered her to a tree, abused and exploited the dog in street battles, almost as if they were brothers from different mothers.

With her new family, she realized that love has no bounds. While a girl got her rabbit last year, she realized she had to be cautious when introducing her to the rest of her animals.

In these situations, jealousy and fear of the unknown can be hurdles, and animals may respond instinctively by rejecting the newcomer. The puppy was the girl’s only worry.

But they got along so well that they began cleaning and sleeping on the couch together. I’m unable to separate them. The rabbit is followed by the dog, who lies next to her on the sofa and licks her head.

Rabbits, like dogs, are very friendly and have a particular link with people and other living creatures. In this example, with a dog, allowing another person or animal to clean it is a clear indication of your trust and caring.

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