A touching sight: a homeless man celebrates his pet’s birthday on the street

Chelse is the name of this young man. A passer-by observed him sitting on the stairs of a city park with two dogs dressed in holiday outfits.

Shiki the puppy’s birthday was being celebrated.

He began singing ‘Happy Birthday’ after removing the cake and candles.

Two candles were lit on a tiny cake, and the puppies kept a close eye on their master’s activities, as if they were really considering their request.

Chelse then took a piece for each of his buddies before taking another for himself, perhaps giving way to his emotions.

When the man who had been filming the action on his phone finished the video, he approached them to ask a few questions, and it was discovered that they were homeless.

Chelse was given a new smartphone, with which he began his Instagram account, which now has over 200 thousand followers.

He indicated his intention to become a musician and, in the future, to open his own animal refuge.

Homelessness is a serious social issue that causes huge change in the lives of individuals who are unlucky enough to experience it.

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