A three-pawed dog began to care for stray dogs; amazing story

Four one-and-a-half-month-old puppies hobbled their way from the mountainous area to the village.

They saw how an adult dog had discovered something to eat and was guarding it.

There weren’t many people in this village, and they were mostly summer visitors.

They frequently left without care for their future fate, and as a result, the number of stray animals grew even larger.

He knows what it’s like to be left because he’s been there before.

The puppies wanted to eat so much that they ignored the fact that the dog was quite large and approached him. The dog was sleeping next to a bowl of food, and the smell attracted the puppies.

Of course, he was surprised at first, but the puppies continued.

One elderly woman, who had just fed him, described how the dog had brought the children to see her.

She claimed that she was already feeling bad and that she would have to go to the city to be with her daughter, leaving the dog behind.

Fortunately, the volunteers have discovered them and are doing all possible to accommodate the animals, as the winters are expected to be long and cold.

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