A street cat fell in love with a puppy and visits him every day, regardless of the weather

For many people, animals are not only pets, but also long-term best friends.

Taki just transformed the couple’s lives, causing them to understand how dull their previous lives had been.

The owner stated that their pet was always full of energy and activity, and that everything in the house got livelier as a result of her presence, and that laughter could be heard once more.

And there was a kitty who was fed and cared for in their yard, in the garages, and the purr decided to pay a visit to the charming Taki.

Furthermore, I was extremely friendly in return.

As a result, they became true friends, and Taki frequently requested to see her in the yard. They were absolutely inseparable over time.

And the puppy’s owner observed the cat sitting in the rain, soaking through and through, waiting for them to come out during a hard downpour.

It was so touching that she couldn’t help herself and walked out to take her home. They could no longer be parted, and now not only a puppy lives in the house, but also a very affectionate cat.

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