A stray dog who was extremely thin miraculously recovered. Amazing transformation

This occurred in Spain. When this little dog arrived at the shelter in bad shape, she was just 10 months old.

Nobody knows who brought her to this situation, but animal rights advocates discovered she had been left.

Because of her thinness, the dog was given the name Pasta, which was inspired by Italian pasta.

However, the shelter’s owner, Edvardo, decided to take on the animal’s rescue and give proper care for Pasta.

She weighed only 7 pounds 200 grams when she arrived at the shelter, and now she weighs nearly three times as much.

Few, however, felt that her treatment would be successful because she could only wag her tail and move her head.

Edvardo said that in all of his years of practice, he has never seen a dog in such a state, and that she would not have spent another night on the streets. Pasta had some issues at first, but after a few weeks, everything was resolved.

She currently lives with her rescuer and has become pals with five of his other dogs.

Luckily the story has a happy ending and everything is okay with the doggy.

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