A stray dog in a bad state meets good people and transforms into the most charming doggy

Elfie, a dog, resided in an empty house in the US state of South Dakota until volunteers discovered her.

Elfie’s fur was so thin that her animal rights campaigners had no idea what breed it belonged to or what kind of dog it was.

Elfie was transferred to one family, who began actively treating her. When the puppy’s gray and white fur began to grow, her adoptive mother realized she had a husky on her hands.

The treatment was successful, and it was time to find this magnificent dog a permanent home where it would be welcomed and treated with care. She found a loving puppy, but the dog’s challenges did not end there.

The owner treated her with love and much care, and the dog soon became charming, joyful, and, most significantly, had a rich coat, like huskies should have.

Although there is still a tiny issue with the dog’s back mobility, the owner is confident that they will be able to overcome it and that the dog will live a full life like the other normal and healthy dogs.

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