A stray cat rushed into the hands of a young man and asked to be adopted by him

According to numerous adoption stories, pets frequently choose their owners and realize that they want to live with this specific person.

Animals recognize kindness and a positive attitude, and it is by focusing on this that they may determine whether or not they can be friends with this person.

A burst of positive energy can already be seen flowing from this young man. He was picked by Lucy, a cat from a shelter. As soon as he walked inside the shelter, she noticed him.

She fixed her gaze on the man and did not move her gaze away from him.

Lucy began to display all of her charm and was wonderfully affectionate when the man seemed to comprehend that the cat was paying him a lot of attention and took him in his arms.

The young man realized they had mutual affection at first sight as she sat very securely in his arms . He took her to the vet right away and she is now a happy and healthy kitty, content with her new life with her devoted owner, whom she selected herself.

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