A shelter dog cares for a puppy with a rare condition and eventually becomes his mother

The information concerning puppies was given to a rescue organisation.

They went out right away to save the puppies, bringing them food and water.

While one of the puppies came out and let the rescuer pet him, the other remained inside.

They took them to the shelter. Jikky and Luna were the names of two dogs. They quickly took him to the veterinarian for a checkup.

She has been diagnosed with a rare condition. Luna resumed eating regularly a few days after the procedure.

When Jikky’s sister returns from the clinic, she is overjoyed.

Fortunately, after seeing Jikky’s images on the shelter’s website, a caring family decided to adopt her. She now lives in a lovely home with loving owners. Luna remained at the shelter.

They fed her while she was standing up, which made her uneasy.

Fortunately, Luna has a dog named Minnie who looks after her and always follows her around. They clicked straight away.

Minnie was the one who helped Luna return to normal by always being there for her. I’m hoping Luna adjusts to life in the shelter quickly and is given another chance to find a permanent home.

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