A photographer took a picture of a bird, but it was actually something else

A bird was smiling at Lily as she was hiking in a national park. She thought it was a species of a completely different kind, so she took a picture of it.

Indeed, hiking in nature and taking pictures of flowers are two of her favorite pastimes.

The young photographer faces the challenge of taking pictures of animated animals.

She often can’t get good pics because they move too quickly. In fact, she was able to photograph an animal three times at a slower pace than usual.

Photographing birds requires waiting days. I thought I saw a young frog that day, high up in a huge tree.

She reached for her phone to take a picture because she couldn’t believe her eyes. She then zoomed in to get a better look at the picture.

When Lily realized that her new bird companion was just a shrub, she felt sad.

As I zoomed in the image, I became curious as to why the bird was still there. She stated, ‘I finally realized it was just a shrub.’

They originate from a single tree. As a result, their seed pods can resemble small birds, making them very intriguing.

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