A nine year old boy holds a lemonade stand every year to help fund his local animal sanctuary

This boy decided to help make life a little easier for rescued felines at his nearby sanctuary and help age long-lasting inhabitants get adopted.

Benjamin was inspired to start the event after visiting the local sanctuary with his grandmother.

Benjamin, being an animal lover, noticed that some of the rescue felines lacked toys. As a result, he decided to step in and help.

Benjamin set up his most memorable stand and sold his most memorable cups of lemonade when he was only seven years old.

He was eager to help and pleased that he had raised $200. He quickly donated to the sanctuary.

This year, Benjamin has set himself the grand goal of raising $1,000! So he and his family made everything public.

They set up the corner, created a fundraiser, shared a Facebook post, heated handmade chocolate chip treats, and, surprisingly, offered two delectable types of lemonade.

They even had tasty treats for animals in the street that came by.

Benjamin and his family were completely taken aback by the love and support from their community.

When Benjamin’s event was mentioned on the radio, an entire group of people showed up.

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