A new life for an Alaskan Malamute demonstrates the power of love and care

A doggy named Thor received assistance from a group of animal rescue activists three years ago on a September afternoon.

The volunteer said the unhappy canine resembled the lead character in a film.

Observing the dog in such a state was difficult. The responsibility for caring for the dog was assumed by a girl named Celine, who subsequently rose to the position of owner.

She reassures the girl that Thor was confused when she first took him to her house, and she has no memory of him ever being there.

He laid for several weeks in a row, with little interest in anything.

It required several months to complete the adoption and processes. The dog quickly gained confidence, started to sleep close to the owner, and afterwards played with her.

The formerly worn-out dog in a bad state has transformed into a large, gorgeous, and friendly dog, who is loved and cared for by the owners.

Thankfully, the dog met the right people. We should all learn from this story since it’s a good example of love and care. What do you think?

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