A man who has been searching for his lost cat for a long time finds his pet on the news

This amusing anecdote occurred 14 years ago. The owner of this cat had to move somewhere else for a long period. He had to go through a lengthy therapy regimen there. The cat was cared for by a woman who took care of him on a daily basis.

However, the cat seemed to have missed its owner and just strayed away from home.

He proceeded to scout the area around the surrounding residences. In one yard, the cat discovered a short way to the garage, where they stored dog food and visited on a regular basis.

He once got caught in the hole while attempting to enter the garage. When the owner of the house saw the entangled cat, he phoned rescuers, and the obese thief was brought to a shelter. The size of the cat astounded all of the shelter’s staff.

Journalists discovered the cat, and broadcasted a report on all local networks.

When the cat’s owner saw his pet on the news, he was already at home.

The following day, the guy tracked down his fugitive.

Following this occurrence, the guy and his pet frequently went to the shelter, bringing toys for the shelter animals.

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