A man fed a stray cat near his office every day, and one day he realized he couldn’t go on without her

Brandon works the night shift at a television studio.

He and others at the studio began noticing a stray kitty in the parking lot with two teenage kittens.

The cat and two kittens were spinning near the building when they vanished, leaving only the second kitten.

People began to feed her little by little as she walked around the building. Branndon Mikino also started bringing food for the cat.

Brandon gradually became the most frequent visitor to Mono’s feeding station, and the kitten grew to trust him and allow him to get closer.

Brandon had already fallen in love with Mono at that point.

Following this news, he started thinking about how he could get the cat and bring it home. Everything in the new environment was foreign to Mono.

Bran knew the cat would take some getting used to, so he didn’t bother her in vain, instead leaving her to figure out what to do next.

Mono gradually adapted to his new surroundings and began to crawl out from under the nightstand and explore the rooms after a few days.

She became more confident with each passing day.

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