A magnificent bird with feathers that resembles a dragon

When you read science fiction literature or watch films in this genre, you undoubtedly wish that all of these wonderful creatures existed in real life.

Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

And we’re in a hurry to gratify you: such animals exist, and we’ll show you one of them. Meet these nightjars, who look like they’ve stepped out of a fantasy painting, but are absolutely genuine.

The tropics of Southeast Asia are home to the huge eared nightjar. These amazing birds are nocturnal, so they may find cover and shelter in the night.

What’s more, they build nests on the floor, which properly conceal their young, which fit in with the dried vegetation.

These birds do not look like any other bird species on the outside. The large eared nightjar resembles a dragon with feathers or a Harry Potter character.

There are other types of nightjars, but these have such a distinct appearance that you won’t find anyone else that looks like them.

Their brownish tint blends in wonderfully with their surroundings, and their beady eyes are absolutely beautiful.

And you’ll never declare again that flying dragons are extinct.

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