A lovely sight. While waiting for their mother to return from getting food, the little bears hold hands

Wildlife contains many delightful and heartfelt moments that win the heart.

It is one of these examples that we will tell you about as, thankfully, a great photographer, Levi Kamper, was able to record beautiful images at the right time and in the perfect place, and these images became so popular that they were shared all over the world.

As they watched the mother bear try to obtain food for them, the two cubs held hands.

‘I was giving a picture tour around a lake earlier this month when I observed a doe and her two cubs waiting for her to return with something to eat,’ Levi, the photographer explained.

Despite their expectations for fish for dinner, their mother returned without any food.

‘For roughly 30 seconds, they held hands,’ the photographer stated. ‘They had thought that their mother would bring them lunch, but she returned without food.’

Although most bears enjoy eating fish, their diet is primarily of vegetation.

‘While bears enjoy fish, the majority of them are omnivores who largely consume plants, including a lot of grass,’ Levi remarked.

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