A lovely kitty with a heart-shaped pattern on her chest was born

Cat Cleo is a true star. This feline has already won the hearts of thousands of people while they work hard to reach the peak of greatness.

And she didn’t have to do anything particularly tough to achieve this.

She was born with everything she needed to become a mega-star.

Cleo’s distinctiveness was initially overlooked when she was born.

Until her potential owner showed up at the door.

Jennie intended to adopt only one cat, but she couldn’t say no when she noticed a little heart on her sister Cleo’s chest. As a result, the two furballs decided to share a home.

Cleo was affectionate as a child, yet quiet and shy. When this eager feline has the chance to try something new. ‘Her curiosity has already led her to go into a full bath five times,’ explains the proprietor.

Both cats are friends with each other. They enjoy playing hide and seek in boxes in their spare time.

The fluffy ones have a 76-thousand-follower Instagram account.

On Valentine’s Day, Cleo’s images receive the most likes — this kitty appears to be made to be a symbol of this day.

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