A kitten that has been rescued attaches to the household cat and is eager to get along with him

The ginger kitten wandered the streets of Los Angeles with the help of other cats.

Fortunately for them, a rescue team discovered the kittens and chose to assist in getting them to safety.

After that, the rescue facility put a notice online asking for volunteers to help take care of the stray cats.

This story gave Ana the motivation she needed to apply right away to serve as a foster care parent.

So, without thinking twice, she posted a picture of the stunning cat that was a member of the pack and requested that someone take care of him.

The following day, she went to the rescue facility to pick up the small cat and carried him home.

At the moment Ana saw the cat, she was in love. The street cat was quick to assert its individuality, suggesting that it had lived in Ana’s home forever.

Allo quickly deduced that there was another cat in the house.

He was very excited to see the other cat because, after all, they were siblings and started meowing enthusiastically.

Malu, the house cat, heard the meows and went over to investigate since he was curious about the person.

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