A good-natured man gets a cat from a shelter, and the cat is now always cuddling with him

You’ll be convinced by this tale that a cat and a person may be in love at first sight! A kitten received care and shelter from a man named Lucas.

The feline gave thanks. Now, every time he hugs his rescuer, it’s as if he’s saying goodbye for good.

He and his sister were taken from the shelter by us. They dated back three months. In pursuit of milk, this red pretzel started to come to me almost every minute.

Melon has been with his human father ever since they first met.

He continues to gradually increase against me, step on me, and make every effort to fit in with me. There is nothing I would trade it for.

Hugging his darling Lucas brings Melon the most joy. When Lucas arrives home, he embraces Melon right away.

They are inseparably connected! For Lucas, waking up in the mornings means being cuddled by his pet cat.

Melon gets himself into his arms like it’s the final time each time.

What a kind man Lucas is. They both deserve each other, don’t they?

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