A friendly dog extends his hand to anyone who passes by his area

It’s impossible to pass Specky, a cute shelter dog in need of a home, without saying hello.

Specky gained fame by pressing his face against the stand and holding out his paw to greet every passerby.

According to a shelter employee, ‘all he wants is for someone to love him.’ He extends his paw, and all he asks is that you touch him and take his paw. And he is not happy when an employee leaves after completing cleaning or other tasks.

Specky had been waiting for someone to notice him for over a year and a half. Despite his history, he appears to have a high level of trust for humans and other animals. He only wants to be loved.

‘He’s just so concentrated on gaining love from others that he doesn’t care about anything else,’ said the shelter employee.

As a result, the animal rights organization became aware of him and began looking for a home for this charming, social dog.

And they succeeded! Specky now lives with the owner’s other pets in a lovely, large courtyard of a private home.

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