A dog helps a wounded climber by wrapping him around him and keeping him warm

When a man brought his dog to the mountains, he certainly did not expect things to turn out this way. This excursion, however, turned out to be unlike any other.

And the evening’s entertainment for two pals was on the verge of becoming tragic.

The climber was unable to continue climbing and was also unable to descend. The man was able to summon aid, albeit it took a long time.

The night began with a snowstorm, and a rescue squad was unable to penetrate through the ice.

The temperature in the highlands dropped considerably as the sun set, and the dog’s owner began to freeze. He couldn’t move to warm up, and the rescuers had no idea how long it would take to find him. Thankfully, he wasn’t alone.

A devoted dog sat alongside him. The dog curled up on his owner’s tummy and began emitting a great deal of heat. The climber was warmed by the presence of the dog and the two of them stayed together till dawn: a climber and a hairy dog.

Rescuers arrived at the climber around midnight, and the dog’s owner received aid the next morning. The rescuers who came across this touching scene were taken aback.

The dog remained with the owner for thirteen hours after aid arrived, refusing to go. The dog returned home only after the man was taken to the hospital.

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