A dog at the animal sanctuary made friends with a baby giraffe who was left by her mother

People are constantly amazed by the animal kingdom.

How kind and compassionate they are—not just toward their people, but also toward one another.

There are so many tales of unusual friendships between various species.

This wonderful tale of an odd friendship between a dog and a young giraffe went viral on social media. Unfortunately, a young giraffe’s mother left her.

The sanctuary was visited in order to assist the young giraffe.

Rock was fed from a bottle since she was too small to be able to stand up by herself.

The sanctuary’s staff members tried everything they could to assist the animal.

There was another supporter and soother present in the sanctuary, though, and Rock really benefited from their care and love.

Halter, a charming pup, stood next to Giraffe constantly, acting as her guardian angel.

The dog took on the role of adoptive parent for the young giraffe. Two animals developed an amazing friendship with one another.

Halter and Rock were best buddies at this point. Their special and lovely bond was admired by everyone at the sanctuary.

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