A dedicated ginger cat has been working in a store for the past nine years without ever leaving the building

Bubba, now 9 years old, was brought into the business as a kitten by a worker because he was a stray.

His new store friends took good care of him, and a caregiver who stopped by and had four cats of her own would bring Bubba food and take him to the vet.

Al, Bubba’s owner, started working for the company in 2014, claims a media source.

He appreciates the chance to sit by the store’s door there and simply meet guests.

He prefers to spend his time towards the front of the shop. Kitty also prefers to look out the window! Alan said.

‘He is the master and lord of the shop!’ Alan said.

He has worked at the store longer than the majority of the staff and has never taken a day off.

Bubba’s main duties involve watching for cardboard to be put on the ground.

Clientele adore him. He enjoys being able to meow at them when they enter and are being shown around.

He maintains a strong focus to make sure no one takes anything, takes selfies, checks the inventory, and keeps a watchful eye on the store.

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