A couple turned a car into a tiny home, which they use to travel and foster pets in need

This couple made the decision to live in a van and move around. It took 7 months to convert the car after purchasing it. They eventually decided to buy their own van and live in it full-time.

The couple documents their travels on Instagram. Nick is the proprietor of a web design firm. Sabrina is also employed by this firm. The couple can create their own work schedule on their own. Their business is unaffected by their living in a van.

As a result, they were comfortable with the idea of traveling. They strive not to buy too much, reuse items, and recycle plastic and other materials.

Despite their tiny living quarters, the pair wants to aid animals at shelters.

They made the decision to place the canines in temporary foster care until they are old enough to find a permanent home. The pair has already reared five dogs and has no intention of stopping.

The motor home’s first dog was a little puppy. The second, on the other hand, was a cross between a husky and a malamute.

«It was difficult just because he took up all of the space in the kitchen and I couldn’t use the restroom,» Nick explains. To keep the dogs from becoming bored in the house, the pair spends a lot of time with them outside, walking and moving about. After the virus is over and countries’ borders are opened, the couple hopes to explore the world in their RV.

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