A cat was discovered in a cellar with her kittens in a clothing bin: She got rescued

An individual cleaning an empty house discovered a feline in a cellar with her kittens. Lorri, a shelter volunteer, was contacted about a mother and her four small kitties seen inside an empty house.

When an occupant who had been hired to clean the property walked into the cellar, she couldn’t believe what she saw.

‘She found a feline and her kittens in a clothing container with no food or water in the house,’ Lorri said.

When the person who found them realized that the feline needed assistance, she acted quickly.

‘She scooped them up and brought them home to care for the mother and work on finding a shelter to take them.’

Her kittens were all in great shape, perfect and solid, demonstrating that their mother had taken exceptional care of them. She made contact with the nearby shelter. When the feline first appeared, she was friendly.

She called up her kittens for a snack after doing a little exploring around her new surroundings. Soon, the room was filled with sounds of the kitties.

The sweet mother is overjoyed to have a comfortable home and people to assist her in caring for her precious kittens.

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