A butterfly with a damaged wing undergoes surgery to restore its ability to fly

One of nature’s most beautiful animals is the butterfly. It can live for two to five months, but in this case, its existence may have been cut short if it hadn’t gotten unexpected assistance.

The butterfly’s birth in the yard of a skilled seamstress and fashion designer was a stroke of luck.

«I’ve always enjoyed butterflies, and they grew to signify a lot to me at some point.» «Romy, if you see a butterfly, know that I am there, and I love you,» my mother told me before she died 20 years ago.

She found three butterfly caterpillars in the bushes in her yard one day. Because the woman was watching them, she observed that one of the butterflies required assistance.

When one of the butterfly’s wings came off, the woman realized she could aid it.

She neatly stitched on the wing after attaching the insect with a wire, resulting in a seam that is now hardly visible. According to the woman, the butterfly remained unharmed since its wings are similar to a human’s nails or hair and lack pain receptors. Despite this, she is able to fly once more.

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