A boy who is 4 years old and his foster family’s rescue dog form an amazing bond

Man’s Best Friend: Instagram is full of hashtags. Obviously, there are a lot of adorable photos of dogs and their adoring owners sharing them on social media platforms.

There are a lot of Instagram profiles about dogs and their owners going on adventures.

On the other hand, some people like to match their clothes to their dogs. The family’s adopted child, Regan’s ‘Little friend,’ manages to accomplish both on a page with him!

Regan was adopted by Sandy, a Portland resident, when he was just 10 months old.

When Regan quickly became attached to another 10-month-old, Sandy’s adopted grandson, she was overjoyed.

‘There was this instant connection,’ Sandy told NBC News. Since the beginning, they have been friends.

‘The couple enjoys doing everything together, including cuddling in bed, hosting sleepovers, and relaxing by the lake.

They are inseparable. They also have a great sense of fashion, typically dressing in suits or coordinating outfits.

After being moved by Regan and ‘Little friend,’ Sandy began filming their wonderful friendship on the Instagram page. Our true best friends are dogs. What do you think about this story?

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