A boater takes a selfie video and is found by a cuddly baby seal

A man recently made the decision to go boating for some time. He came to a stop and decided to take a selfie at some point.

He then had a moment of realization that he had made a new friend. A seal emerged from the water and climbed onto the boat.

The animal got to the man and even put its face on his shoulder, proving to be very friendly.

This seal seems really eager to film the moment!

The man made the intelligent choice to record a video rather than a photo and set the camera.

We now have the chance to see this unexpected meeting as well as a result of this.

A seal got aboard the boat, but it appeared to have missed the human presence.

We can infer from the recording that was made that this seal was alone and decided to go outside and try to make friends.

Even though they typically get along with humans, seals rarely exhibit this level of friendliness toward humans.

Naturally, there is yet another possibility for what transpired. He probably mistook the man for a fisherman and decided to ask him to share the food.

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