A bereaved puppy sits at the door, waiting for her father to return from the hospital

This touching scene demonstrates how devoted dogs can be! This dog has been living in this house since he was a puppy.

But, like any other dog, she enjoys spending time with her grandparents, so she was overjoyed when her mother took her to her parents. It was intended to be a brief visit, but the mother and father of the dog had other ideas.

Despite her strong nature, she enjoys being treated by her grandparents. Maybe that’s why she formed such a strong relationship with them. «She isn’t your average cuddle dog since she is really independent,» the woman said. «However, she loves all of her humans in her own unique manner.»

Whether it’s sleeping next to you during movie night or waiting for you to finish in the restroom.

But the lady and her mother only learned how strong her grandfather’s attachment was when the man was forced to spend the night in the hospital with his beloved furry buddy unable to join him. They were out for supper when the woman’s father became ill.

Later that night, he was transported to the hospital, and his wife was forced to return home.

Everyone was obviously concerned about the man’s medical predicament, but she was by far the most saddened. When she realized that only her grandma had returned home, she walked to the front door, produced the saddest expression she could muster, and sat for an hour waiting for her human to return.

The woman’s mother photographed her and forwarded them to her daughter. «I fell into tears when she showed me this photo,» the woman claimed. «It was really overpowering. I could see she genuinely loved and missed my father.

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