A 5-year-old youngster with Down syndrome who had been missing was discovered being guarded by his loyal dog

Because they are so dedicated and protective, especially toward young children, dogs make fantastic pets.

There have been numerous tales of kids going missing from their homes only to be found with their loyal dog guarding them.

Recently, a 5-year-old kid went missing, but his dog guarded him and helped find him.

On April 2, a Department sergeant responded after receiving a tip about a little boy walking his dog alone alongside train tracks.

Pedro Salas of the department said that when he first saw the child approximately a half-mile from his home, he realized he had Down syndrome.

He therefore discovered that a German Shepherd by the name of Diego was serving as his bodyguard.

‘Witnesses told me the dog was with the young child when the police found him, according to their accounts. The dog followed me as I went with the youngster,’ Sgt.

Salas wrote on his Twitter page. This dog served as both his protector and guardian angel.

According to a report in the San Francisco chronicle on the occurrence, it appears to us that the dog realized something was off, that the boy wasn’t supposed to come out, and ultimately followed him.

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