A 10-year-old child put his life on the line to save a puppy

Although he is just ten years old, this young man is a great role model.

When they observe a creature in need, few individuals in our day are able to come to its aid. Especially if it means risking everything.

The young man lives in Izhatai, Brazil.

Our hero, Jack, was walking down the street when he spotted the puppy had been involved in an accident and raced immediately to the road to assist him.

It’s worth noting that there were many adults nearby who would not have dared to do so, and the man gave the animal a second chance.

The puppy was then taken to the veterinarian by Jack himself, where he was given first aid and prescribed follow-up medication.

The veterinarian was astounded by Jack’s bravery. He added that in Brazil, dogs very often get into such situations due to traffic congestion.

The dog was fortunate in this situation thanks to a very young hero.

Let us hope that there will be more people who will not leave our four-legged friends, as such incidents are not commonplace.

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