Woman who was gone for 11 years found out to have resided next door; the daughter left her home 11 years prior and was reported missing

After her family had already all but ceased looking for her, it was revealed that she had only been residing in a neighboring house the entire time.

Meera slyly packed her bags and left her house in 2010. Since she didn’t bring a phone, it was impossible to find her in the large country of India.

However, Meera’s family never gave up on her for a long time. When the neighboring man vanished, the situation suddenly changed.

The girl next to him attracted his brother’s interest when he unintentionally spotted him in another area. Yes, Meera was there.

It came out that Meera merely relocated to the man’s house, which was further down the street during that February of 2010.

She had not left at all. She lived in a small room for 11 years; he did not introduce her to the family.

They came from different classes, thus their families would never approve of a union. As a result, they had to leave,’ his brother told journalists.

The tale comes to a successful conclusion. They no longer have to hide from relatives because the grand jury officially approved the wedding.

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